Lighter, Faster, Further – The Cobra Air-X Golf Clubs

Having the ability to crush the golf ball off the tee so it goes flying down the fairway every time or making devastatingly long iron shots that land perfectly on the green is the dream for most golfers, but unless you are actually on the tour it’s incredibly hard to create that kind of speed and ball flight. 

And therein lies the mission for the engineers at Cobra, to make a series of golf clubs that are lighter, faster and give all golfers the ability to launch the golf ball farther than they ever have before.

There have been many components that have gone into pulling this ambitious feat off, but the main design goal is to make the Air-X as light as possible for maximum speed. 

Let’s break down exactly what you can expect from the Cobra Air-X golf clubs. 


The reason why Cobra chose to name this series of golf clubs the Air-X makes a lot of sense when they explained that this is the lightest driver that Cobra has ever released. It’s an impressive line to be able to say, but how have they done it?

Well by reducing the weight of components such as a lighter grip, lighter shaft and a lighter club head this golf club comes in at a final weight of 277grams. The Lamkin grip that has been used is 4 grams lighter than the previous shaft coming it at just 37g, the Ultralite Cobra shaft comes weight 50g and the carbon composite crown that has been used for the clubhead features a lighter design which is 30% thinner than the F-Max driver managing to save 2 grams for a 190g finish.

The lightweight crown that has been used for the Cobra Air-X driver is able to deliver higher ball speeds for golfers who may have slower swing speeds thanks to how light the head of the club is while also working in tandem with the faster face design that produces faster ball speeds even on off-centre strikes. 

However, while the lightweight construction is able to create some seriously fast golf swings and higher ball speeds, it also is still incredibly forgiving. Maintaining a high MOI of 5,000 this golf driver offers maximum stability off of the tee while also featuring heel weighting and an offset hosel which both work to correct any slicing that may occur on a player’s swing so that you can always produce drives that fly straight down the fairway.

For a driver, the combination of incredible ball speed and launch while still providing plenty of forgiveness for straighter and more accurate shots seems to goof to be true but it’s exactly what the Air-X driver has to offer. 

Fairway Wood and Hybrid

Both the Fairway Wood and Hybrid golf clubs in the Air-X set share many of the same characteristics of the driver, going through the same weight loss campaign to create a golf clubs that are incredibly lightweight and so incredibly easy to generate faster ball speed and swing speed for golfers who need a little boost on their shots from the fairway to make a real difference to their game. 

While swing speed and power are obviously very important components to think about when designing any kind of golf club, Cobra has made sure that people remember that the Air-X is all about making the game of golf as easy as possible and so a lot of attention has been paid to the design of both the fairway wood and hybrid having greater accuracy and loft on shots. 

Both clubs feature an ultra-low profile so that golfers can experience clubs that are ridiculously easy to swing and generate enough loft that a golf ball can soar through the air. Just like the driver both of these golf clubs feature heel weighting and an offset hosel so that with the increased power and loft on shots, the risk of the ball flying wildly to the left or right is cut right down so that shots from the fairway are much more accurate.  


The Air-X irons are quite literally the lightest golf clubs that Cobra has ever designed and have the ability to generate so much swing speed, forgiveness and launch on shots that it’s clear to see why they are being described as super game improvement irons. 

To put into perspective just how lightweight these golf clubs are the F-Max Airspeed irons are already considered an ultra-lightweight option for golfers…the Air-X irons are 8 grams lighter!? By using a Lamkin grip that has been 6 grams lighter and a new cast clubhead that has been able to have 2 grams shaved off it, this lightweight construction allows golfers of all levels the ability to play with faster swings speeds and create greater ball flights consistently. 

To make sure that these lightweight irons are able to help golfers create the best performances possible and make it even easy to reach the greens, a new variable thickness face has been used which has been made thinner in the heel and toe areas of the club to ensure that shots that are hit off-centre only lose minimal speed. 

This forgiveness has also been paired with cavity back design that uses weaker lofts to allow players to easier launch the golf ball while an offset hosel has also been used to create straighter shots consistently. 

Cobra has designed the Air-X range of golf clubs to be the perfect set for golfers who may need help generating swing speeds and are looking for extra speed and ball flight on their shots. Not only is this a great set of super game improvement golf clubs, but for the performance that they allow golfers to achieve they are also a relatively affordable range when compared to other golf clubs that are able to create the same level of performance.

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