Your Buying Guide for Golf Trolleys

Buying a golf trolley can be a tricky thing to do due to the sheer amount of trolleys that are available on the market today. Compared to what was available 20 years ago there are now so many more options available, with electric golf trolleys that include incredible accessories and smart features that make getting round a golf course even easier than before. 

We have created this hand guide to help navigate what golf trolleys are available and what they provide.

Push Trolleys

A push trolley is typically created with a three-wheeled design that offers golfers a sturdy base to keep their golf bag secure, while also offering easy manoeuvrability around the golf course no matter the terrain that you are playing on. 

Push trolleys do not require a battery which creates a  much lighter and cheaper option. And, because there is no battery, the push trolleys can last for many years with low maintenance.

Electric Trolleys

Electric trolleys use battery power to create easy transportation of your golf clubs around the course. Many trolleys use a speed dial to set a pace that the trolley will travel at until you reach the next tee – some can even be controlled by remote control. Find out more about the trolleys with a remote control

While an Electric Trolley may be a more expensive option than a Push Trolley, you will reserve energy on the course to generate powerful drives. Using an electric motor is advantageous on courses with very hilly sections, so avoiding carrying your clubs or pushing them up and down a hill will definitely have you feeling fresh at each tee. 

Some manufacturers have started adding new features that are handy to improving the enjoyment or functionality of your game. Trolleys such as the Motocaddy M-TECH Electric Trolley and PowaKaddy FX7 Electric Trolley both have added features such as charging ports, interactive touch screens displays and have been loaded with 40,000 golf courses from around the world so you can measure the distance of your shots, how far to the hole and any unforeseen hazards that might be in the way. However, you may wish to consider an alternative, which gives full flexibility to transition into lifestyle with the smart watches that offer GPS

Weigh up which features are most important to you…


When looking at an electric trolley you will need to consider the battery that you require and how long it can last on a single charge so that you can complete your round with power. For golfers who are completing longer rounds on a regular basis, or playing across hillier terrains, you should ensure you select a 36-hole battery option – also referred to as an ‘extended’ battery. 

Battery technology and designs have come a long way over the last decade, with lithium batteries being the go-to design rather than the older and less productive lead acid batteries. 

The leading deciding factor for your battery selection will be the power that it can generate to use your golf trolley for 18, 27 or 36 holes without a charge.

Maintaining the battery is also key. If you are not charging the battery enough, the overall lifespan of the trolley will decrease. There is a very easy guide to follow on how to maintain an electric golf trolley correctly, which we recommend all golfers read once they have purchased an electric trolley.  


Whether you decide to go for a push or electric trolley, you’re still going to need to be able to move it from your garage to your car and then to the course so pay attention to the weight that it is listed as. Most electric trolleys now use lighter lithium batteries; so there is less weight to worry about than in previous battery designs. 

You may also wish to consider the folding systems of each trolley. There are now trolleys which only require a one-click fold, to create a frame which is 20% smaller than any other trolley. This could be the deciding factor for those with less storage availability.

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