How to maintain your electric golf trolley this winter

When the weather is often cold and miserable during the winter months you’re probably less likely to want to go out on the golf course, and if you do you may not want to bring your electric caddy. 

The trolley may have to sit in storage for a couple of months until the weather brightens and you’re ready to get back out there and show off your game. 

But during that time waiting for the weather to brighten up your trolley will  still need to be maintained so that it is still in working order when you finally decide to hit the course. 

The key issue with electric trolleys is maintaining the battery, so here are a few ways that you can make sure your caddy will still be 100% for the warmer months.

  1. Keeping it charged – The battery should never be left for longer than two months without charging or being checked. 
  2. Avoid overcharging – When the battery is fully charged a green light will appear. When this happens, it should then be disconnected. Do not leave the charged connected unattended overnight or indefinitely.
  3. Avoid the cold – Batteries should never be stored in cold areas. It should be stored at room temperature, never at temperatures lower than 10C, while being disconnected from the golf trolley or the charger. 
  4. Extended range – Extended range batteries should always be recharged as soon as possible after use. They also shouldn’t be used over consecutive days without charging. 
  5. Battery Hibberation – If you’re going to store your caddy for long periods of time, it is best if the battery is fully charged when you do so. Then before using it again, plug it back in to recharge to 100%. Leaving batteries uncharged for extended periods of time can damage them and reduce their capacity.
  6. Where to charge – the battery must be stored and charged on a dry hard surface that doesn’t have carpet.

While it is important to follow these tips to make sure caddies’ battery is still in tip top condition through the winter months. But this advice should also be followed year round to make sure your device is still working correctly and safe to use. 

So here are some more important tips for you to follow to make sure you can enjoy your electric caddy for years to come. 

Always use the correct charger from the manufacturer
When charging your caddy make sure that you use the charger that came with the product, or if a replacement is needed get the exact same charger model. Using chargers from different manufacturers won’t provide the same amount of charge that is needed, and in some cases can be quite dangerous when charging a lithium battery with the wrong charger. 

How to clean your trolley
Obviously after weeks of using your trolley in all different types of weather it is bound to get dirty with mud and dust over time and will need to be cleaned. When cleaning your trolley remember to use a damp cloth, mild cleaning detergent and warm water. Do not clean your trolley with the battery still in the tray. Never jet wash, steam-clean or use a compress air hose when cleaning your trolley. Doing so could force water into and break the electronic items or the gearbox. 

Check for damage to the battery
ou should regularly check for any damage to the battery.
If a battery is dropped or there is visible damage do not use or try and charge it. The cells or circuit components inside may be damaged so there is a bigger risk of fire if the protection circuit module has been disabled. 

Do not repair a battery
If the battery has been checked and you have found damage, do not attempt to repair it. Do not open or tamper with a lithium battery.  thium batteries cannot be repaired – this is extremely dangerous and can result in a fire or explosion – and should be disposed of at your local recycling centre.

Disconnect after use
is really easy to finish a round of golf and then leave the battery in the trolley when packing everything away. But you should always remember to disconnect the battery before folding your trolley away. 

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