The next generation of TaylorMade Irons

We have previously seen TaylorMade’s Cap Back design featured in the SIM2 Max irons, which used a multi-material construction to support the entire topline from heel to toe. By using a lightweight but incredibly strong polymer TaylorMade was able to cover the entire back cavity of the hollowed out irons. 

Using this system allowed TaylorMade to create a set of irons that improved the flexibility in the face, while also creating great ball speed and forgiveness without affecting the center of gravity. 

But now TaylorMade has decided to extend the reach of the Cap Back system by including a toe wrap that has somehow improved the distance that can be generated, forgiveness and all-around feel of the club compared to that of the SIM 2 Max. 

This has been made possible because with the added toe wrapping mass from the extreme high toe of the head has been able to be repositioned low in the sole of the club. This movement of mass has lowered the center of gravity and so resulting in an increased launch angle that aids in producing longer carry distances, incredible ball flight and better stopping power to make sure that wherever the ball is played it will stay there. 

Featured alongside this Cap Back design TaylorMade have used several of their core iron technologies to work hand in hand with the new series. 

The Stealth Irons use a 450 stainless steel face that has been designed to feature specifically positioned sweet spots that cover the areas that generate the most impact points on the face. These sweet spots allow golfers to experience explosive ball speeds that can be consistently generated, creating an incredible tool to have in any golfer’s arsenal. 

To go along with the sweet spots, the uniquely designed ECHO® Damping System is located behind the entire face to create an even better feel without affecting performance. The system, which found great success with the SIM 2 Max, uses a soft polymer blend to create multiple contact points behind the face from heel to toe to absorb any harsh vibrations. 

Absorbing these vibrations, which are felt most on distance shots, allows the energy to be removed without creating any flexing in the face to produce a forged like feel when connecting with a golf ball. 

Another famous TaylorMade engineering technique that has been used on these irons in the patented  Thru-Slot Speed pocket. Just like it has with several of TaylorMade’s premier irons, the Speed Pocket increases the ball speeds that players can generate while also offering maximum forgiveness for low mis-hit shots.

The Stealth iron would be a perfect addition for any mid-to-high level golfer who wants to experience a forged feel that generates plenty of ball speed and distance, while offering plenty of forgiveness.   

You can find out more about the TaylorMade Stealth Irons by clicking here.

We have also reviewed the Stealth Drivers and the Stealth Fairways and Rescues.


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