Callaway Rogue ST Golf Irons – Their  “Longest Irons Ever”

Callaway’s Rogue ST Irons have been created to cover a range of players and different playing styles so that a golfer at any level can experience what Callaway is calling their “Longest irons ever”.

Callaway has utilised artificial intelligence to enhance technologies within the face and combined a 450 high strength steel to generate more ball speed and increase the consistency that this ball speeds can be reached. 

Applying the A.I. Face to the Rogue ST irons allowed Callaway to construct unique designs for each model, with each loft option uniquely crafted to produce a spin rate, consistent across the entire face of the golf club. Producing a higher launch and COR, plus a more controlled landing angle to help balls played onto the green to stay there. 

Callaway have added precision tungsten weighting; featuring up to 62 grams of high-density tungsten. An increase of over 260% compared to that of Mavrik irons, providing improved launch conditions, as well as, maximising speed and distance across the face of the club. 

Alongside the 450 Steel face and the tungsten Callaway have also managed to further an existing innovation.

Callaway’s patented Urethane Microsphere technology – A system placed behind the face of the club allows for the absorbing undesirable vibrations on impact without affecting the speed at which the ball comes off the face. 

Compared to previous use, the Rogue ST’s microspheres have been pushed up the face (to the 6th groove) to enhance sound of the club connecting with the ball, but also deliver a pure feel while maintaining the fast ball speeds that have been created.

Max irons

The Rogue ST Max irons are the longest in the ST range. They have been designed with game improvement shaping for golfers who want a combination of speed, forgiveness, and all-round performance.

Max OS Irons

The Max OS model has wider soles, enhanced offset, and a thicker topline for confidence over the ball. The technology provides high launch and forgiveness for mid- to high-handicap players.

Max OS Lite irons 

This is the largest iron in the range but also the most lightweight.  Just like the OS the irons feature wide soles, enhanced offset, and thicker toplines but also more loft, lighter shafts, and lighter swing weights. These are the easiest to hit models in the range.

Pro irons

These irons use hollow body construction technology with the aim to deliver the look and feel of a player’s iron and the distance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron.

We have also reviewed the Callaway Rogue ST Drivers and Rogue ST Fairways and Hybrids.


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