20 years of research for the new TaylorMade Stealth Drivers

TaylorMade have launched the Stealth Drivers, a set of drivers that features a new innovation in the golf industry that may make us rethink what the superior material is to use on a driver face, upgrades on already adored and proven technologies, and a key focus on providing golfers with incredible power and accuracy. 

The Drivers that are on offer in the Stealth series, the Stealth, Stealth HD, Stealth Plus+ and Stealth Women’s, are no longer considered Woods or Metalwoods – they are now known as CarbonWood™. 

So why is this?  

Well, TaylorMade has made the decision to move away from Titanium, the material that most drivers have utilized over the past two decades, to design a set of drivers with the key focus of generating as much power as possible off the tee, while still offering plenty of forgiveness per shot. This has been made possible by using the new 60X Carbon Twist Face technology. 

20 years of research, prototype building and rigorous testing has led to sixty layers of carbon fibre being used on the face of the drivers, enclosed in a polyurethane nanotexture shell, and pairing it with TaylorMade’s famous Twist Face design. 

Sixty layers of carbon fibre have been strategically designed and layered to create a club face that can deal with the same levels of consistent impact while remaining durable as a titanium face. But because carbon is lighter and less dense than titanium, it also meant that the less resistance and increased face flexing leads to optimized energy transfer from the clubface to the golf ball at impact to deliver faster and more consistent ball speeds.

By using the much lighter carbon fibre material it meant TaylorMade has been able to create a set of drivers that are 44% lighter than drivers of the same size using titanium. This weight saving has also meant that the size of the face has been able to be increased without affecting the structure of the club. This larger surface area and lighter weight means that players can experience stunning ball speeds consistently, contact with the golf ball and swing speeds resulting in increased distance, ball speed and forgiveness.

And while all of the technological advances and use of carbon fiber is incredibly impressive, TaylorMade have also made a gorgeous set of drivers. 

The look of the club definitely matches its name, with a sleek and almost dangerous design that would almost strike fear into the eyes of anyone who plays a round with the person using these drivers. The red and black carbon face makes the driver look like it is red hot and ready to fire a ball down the fairway with a burst of fire and smoke.


The nanotexture cover used on the new 60X Carbon Twist Face has been specially designed with launch and spin in mind, so that players can reach a further distance on drives no matter the playing conditions. And with the weight reduction from using carbon fibre, allowing for more weight to be positioned low and deep in the head, it has allowed for 15% more MOI compared to the Stealth Plus+.

Stealth HD

Because of the weight saved by using the 60X Carbon Twist Face and the fact that the Inertia Generator has been moved closer to the heel, TaylorMade has been able to maintaining a draw-bias while creating a driver that generates that highest MOI out of the entire Stealth Driver range.  

Stealth Plus+

With weight savings being one of the biggest benefits of using the 60X Carbon Twist Face, TaylorMade has been able to use a 10g sliding weight track in the Stealth Plus+. This track has been designed to help golfers control the shape of their shots by being able to shift mass on the sole to create their optimal ball flight. 

Stealth Women’s 

The Stealth Women’s driver combines the technology of the Stealth HD with a slightly lighter head weight while also offering women a unique colourway and aesthetic. It also has the same high MOI head design for easy, high-launch with a touch of draw.

We have also reviewed the Stealth Fairways and Rescues and the Stealth irons.


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