Hot List: Best 2021 Golf Putters

Looking for the right golf putter to hit that sweet spot? There are a variety of different types of putters available and these come in different shapes of mallet putters, half-mallet putters and blade putters. Whether you have a high, mid or low handicap, there will be the right putter out there for you. Here are our favourites of 2021 narrowed into a top 5...

Looking for the right golf putter to hit that sweet spot?

With so many different types of putters available, the decision to acquire a new piece of equipment for your bag can be a daunting challenge. Questions race through your mind, and you even find yourself re-considering the shape that you’ve grown to love… We’ll make it as possible, as we disclose our favourite Golf Putters of 2021 narrowed down to the top 5…

TaylorMade Spider EX #3 Golf Putter

Features: White True Path Alignment, Pure Roll Insert, Fluted Feel Shaft, Multi-Material Design

TaylorMade’s Spider EX range combines a longer and wider design with a lightweight aluminium body to allow a lighter feeling putter. The newly engineered putter shaft is designed to increase stability and enhance the feel for the user. The heavy tungsten, integrated into the back of the putter, creates a deep centre of gravity to allow better distance control. A popular choice in professional golf, with TaylorMade’s Spider being the choice of iconic tour players.

TaylorMade Spider EX #3 Golf Putter

Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Lined OS Golf Putter

Features: Stroke Lab Shaft, Enhanced Head Shape, Microhinge Star Insert

The Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Lined OS Golf Putter is ideal for golfers that have a stroke that has minimal face rotation and arc. The double bend face-balanced mallet also features a Microhinge insert to promote immediate forward roll and allows increased speed and control. An improved head shape creates a more forgiving putter, improving alignment for precise hits.

Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Lined OS Golf Putter

Ping Heppler Tomcat Adjustable Golf Putter

Features: Pipler Armlock, Stiffer Adjustable Length-Shaft, Multi-Material Design

The Ping Heppler Tomcat putter features a firmer feel and pleasing sound due to the machined, flat face and optimised centre of gravity. Extensive testing revealed that the auditory feedback of the putter helped to increase player confidence and provide a unique impact experience. The Ping putter also has four grip options allowing you to find your optimal fit and feel for when you’re on the green for game improvement.

Ping Heppler Tomcat Adjustable Golf Putter

Mizuno M-Craft 4 Golf Putter

Features: Heavyweight Stability, Additional Weight Kit, Patch M.Craft Headcover

Aesthetically pleasing and boldly finished with Blue ION, the Mizuno M-Craft 4 Golf Putter is forged from premium carbon steel and is then CNC milled to create a great shape and alignment. The weighty 355 grams of the putter allows a fluid and stable stroke and can be increased by the additional weights included.

Mizuno M-Craft 4 Golf Putter

Wilson Staff Infinite Buck Town Putter

Features: Double Milled Face, Counterbalanced Technology, Dark Anti-Glare Finish

The Wilson Staff Infinite Buck Town Putter features an alternative ultra dark PVD finish to reduce glare and accentuate sight-lines for the player. The double milled face allows for consistency on impact and the balance point is centred closer to the hands for a controlled putting stroke. The Wilson Staff Infinite putter line itself includes eight classic head shapes for a variety of choice, all with refined detailing to promote game improvement.

Wilson Staff Infinite Buck Town Putter

Keep an eye out for more Hot List blogs from us to create yourself a custom complete set of golf clubs, specific to your desired features. Our blog will feature the newest and best of drivers, fairway woods, sets of irons and plenty more for getting out on the golf course.

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