TaylorMade have announced some incredible new products coming to their range this fall. Featuring the ALL-NEW TaylorMade P770 Irons, TaylorMade P7MB and TaylorMade P7MC Irons, TaylorMade SIM UDI and TaylorMade SIM DHY Irons, and the TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter.

TaylorMade have announced some incredible new products coming to their range this fall. Featuring the ALL-NEW TaylorMade P770 Irons, TaylorMade P7MB and TaylorMade P7MC Irons, TaylorMade SIM UDI and TaylorMade SIM DHY Irons, and the TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter.

TaylorMade P770 Irons

TaylorMade’s new P770 Irons have redesigned distance and precision. This Iron offers you control combined with maximum distance and speed.

The P700 Irons feature a SpeedFoam™ injection in the high-speed steel face of the club. This SpeedFoam is an ultra-lightweight urethane foam, and it is designed to increase face speed whilst giving the golfer an extremely solid feel.

Also constructed with advanced tungsten weighting, these irons offer the golfer explosive distance with increased forgiveness. As well as the advanced tungsten weighting, these irons feature a forged hollowed-body construction, combined with an ultra-thin face to give the golfer excellent feel, distance and forgiveness. The Thru-slot Speed Pocket featured maximises ball speeds aswell, proving this Iron still has all the technology required to enhance your game, even with a compact head shape!

The TaylorMade P770 Irons share the same DNA as the much loved TaylorMade P790 Irons, it is just designed into a more compact players shape. Which one will you prefer?

TaylorMade P7MB and P7MC Irons

TaylorMade P7MB Irons

These Irons have been carefully crafted for skilled hands, to give the game’s best golfers the purest feeling iron possible. It is for those who demand magnificent control along with a pure feel at impact. As well as providing the golfer with this control, the iron is constructed to perfection. Basically, it looks amazing and we are very excited to try it out!

The technologies built within this iron are really what make it so great. With Compact Grain Forging™, the golfer is provided with the most solid, consistent feel possible. The P7MB Irons feature a thin topline, narrow sole with minimal offset, which has been inspired by insights from the worlds best players, to give Tour-inspired shaping.

These irons have had their faces and grooves machined to give the golfer the best possible precision and quality, exacting shot making.

“At the photoshoot last fall we showed the early prototype to Wolff and Morikawa and they were all over it immediately, their eyes lit up seeing only the head and at that point, I knew we were on to something special.” -Matt Bovee TM

TaylorMade P7MC Irons

The P7MC Irons are simple. Simple, but great. They look outstanding, and play very similar to the P7MB Irons, featuring similar technologies like the Compact Grain Forging and a machined face and grooves. The Irons provide the golfer with great distance and forgiveness, they are very nice to play with.

You will probably notice that the P7MC Irons look very similar to its predecessor – the P750. And why shouldnt it? The P750 was rated very highly, and you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. The P7MC Irons are just an upgraded version. They have the DNA of a great iron, but with increased forgiveness and they look much better!

TaylorMade SIM UDI and DHY Irons

TaylorMade have announced the new SIM UDI and DHY utility irons. Matt Bovee from TaylorMade golf said they were constructed to offer golfers options between the existing UDI and the SIM MAX Rescue.

Both Irons feature similar characteristics, the DHY just offers increased forgiveness, with a thicker topline and a wider sole.

The Technologies

Both the SIM UDI and DHY feature SpeedFoam™, which improves feel significantly whilst increasing speed. These irons are crafted with a lightweight, ultra-thin face that is manufactured from a durable C300 steel. This provides explosive ball speeds due to the stronger face. This, combined with the Inverted Cone technology promote a straighter ball flight, ultimately enhancing your game.

Finally, these irons are built with a hollow body, giving the ball a higher trajectory when hit, enhancing playabilty.

TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter


If you struggle with alignment and struggle with the extra stability that only a mallet can provide, but you love the feel of a blade putter, then this putter will be perfect for you! It is crafted brilliantly, to offer High MOI, fantastic alignment, increased stability and magnificent precision.

The Putter has a forward Centre of Gravity, which delivers a high-MOI mallet, benefiting in particular, golfers that have an arced putting stroke. Also featured, Heel and Toe Tungsten Weighting, giving the golfer increased stability.

The new T-Sightline with True Path™ allows for perpendicular alignment, and features a vertical line that allows the golfer to aim, and find that alignment that they were missing before!

Finally, a 25g Aged Copper Pure Roll™ is featured within this Putter, and this is the heaviest insert ever constructed by TaylorMade. This will help your ball stay on its desired path once hit, improving accuracy and precision.

Head to our website at Golfgeardirect.co.uk and keep yourself updated on the NEW TaylorMade launch. Products available for pre-order very soon.

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