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No matter how good you are, fitting can make you better. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Tour pro, a single digit handicapper or you’re new to the game, custom fitting can help you achieve your goals as a golfer and perform better on the course.

Having an iron set built specifically to match your swing can help you improve ball flight, ball striking, distance, feel and more.

Let’s jump into the elements of a TaylorMade iron fitting at the Golfgeardirect Performance Fitting Centre


When fitting you for a new set of irons, there are several key factors that our expert fitters consider:

  • Distance
  • Control
  • Forgiveness
  • Dispersion
  • Look & Feel

Distance is very much dependent on your game and your goals. Are you looking to add distance or looking for distance control?

If you’re in the camp of needing to add distance and still have stopping power, your fitter will look at factors like launch, angle of decent and spin. For this player, an 8-iron is better than a 7 and a 7-iron is better than a 6.

As a starting point, your personal fitter may have you test P•790, SIM Max and SIM Max•OS. The final decision would stem from a combination of launch monitor data and personal preference.

One of the biggest factors to lowering scores is proximity to the hole.

Matching the proper clubhead with the best lie angle will help you tighten dispersion. Your fitter can use a lie board in conjunction with launch monitor data to help you determine your ideal lie angle.

Forgiveness also factors in at this stage. Really understanding who you are as a golfer will help make the right decision.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

Do you need a player’s iron, a player’s iron with a little extra kick or a pure game improvement head? Only an honest assessment done in conjunction with your fitter can answer that question.

Finally, we come to look and feel. TaylorMade offer plenty of player’s irons that have more muscle than your traditional blade, so consider your options when choosing the right set. Ultimately, being fit for irons is about matching performance with preference.

TaylorMade P7TW Irons


Lie Angle – Lie angle affects almost every key element of ball flight, including start direction, curvature and strike. By adjusting lie angle, the fitter can alter how the club interacts with the turf and the orientation of club face at impact.

Screen Shot 2020 06 12 at 2 27 33 PM

Length – The goal of fitting for length is to allow you to maintain an athletic posture at address, and do so comfortably. Height and arm length are the biggest factors.

Loft – Many golfers these days prefer stronger lofts that allow them to hit the ball farther throughout the set. One rule of thumb to remember, for every 1° of loft you remove, you decrease both launch and spin, so it could impact how your ball reacts once it hits the green.

Turf Interaction – This refers to the way in which your iron head contacts the ground. If you have a steep swing and create deep divots, you might benefit from an iron with a wider sole and more bounce – like SIM Max or SIM Max•OS.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

If your swing is shallow with more consistent and shallower divots, you will benefit from a narrower sole and less bounce that allows the club to better glide through the turf (see our P Series of irons).

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