Titleist TS Metal Woods – Landing This Week! đź“… – 06.09.18

Every 2 years, Golfers and Retailers around the globe look forward to a NEW range of Metal Woods from one of Golf’s most consistent and stylish brands.

Unlike many others through the years, Titleist have stuck to strict 2 Year Cycle on their range of Metal Woods. In June 2018, we were first introduced to the NEW! Titleist 91….oh wait…no, sorry…the Titleist TS Metal Woods range.


Every driver Titleist have produced over the last 15-20 years, has featured the number ‘9’ – at least somewhere in it’s name. We are Golfgeardirect.co.uk, fully expected to see the 919 released, as did many others. Nope, it’s time for a change.

The TS range features (what is now Titleist’s tradition) a ‘#2’ and ‘#3’ labelled model, representing two heads that are suited to both the Low-Mid and Higher handicappers.


Both the TS2 and TS3 were launched earlier this Summer at the US Open. They quickly found their way into staff players bags such as Ian Poulter, Webb Simpson (above) and Justin Thomas (below) plus many more.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 16.27.47

Previous Driver models (including the 917, 915 and 910) featured a D2 and D3 model.

In short, the D2 has a slightly larger head size at 460cc, and generally was more forgiving.  The D3 (a smaller head at 440cc) catches the eye of the better player looking to lower spin and gain better control.


The TS Metal Woods feature this same trusty set-up in the TS2 and TS3 , but with both models now at the traditional 460cc head size.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 16.27.32

Titleist TS2 and TS3 Drivers

Few things influence the performance of a metal like the responsiveness of the club-face. So Titleist tested the face of every metal they make.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 17.51.42.png

The goal is to make sure the club you receive maximises the allowable spring like effect (assessed through a test called CT), giving you the ball speed you deserve.

Titleist Speed Chassis 

  • It’s not one thing, it’s everything.
  • Our new Speed Chassis is the result of a two year mission to deconstruct the driver and then design greater speed into every detail.
  • Now available in two designs, each born to bring the future of Titleist speed to your game.

Ultra Thin Titanium Crown

  • The thinnest titanium crown in the game allows weight to be shifted lower and deeper.


Thinner, Faster Face

  • Variable thickness face delivers faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness.
  • 100% inspected to maximise allowable spring like effect.

New Streamlined Shape

  • Reduces drag by 20%, increasing club-head speed for more distance.

Optimised Weight Distribution

  • Refined crown and face thicknesses create Titleist’s lowest CG ever for higher launch and lower spin.


Titleist TS2 Features:

  • Explosive distance across the face and maximum forgiveness
  • Adjustable Swingweight, Fixed CG Location
  • High Launch, Low Spin
  • Modern Shape, 460cc
  • 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°

Titleist TS3 Features:

  • Speed tuned distance and dynamic forgiveness.
  • Adjustable Swingweight & CG
  • High Launch, Low Spin
  • Traditional Shape, 460cc
  • 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°


As an authorised Titleist Fitting Centre, visiting Golfgeardirect is not only the fastest way to add the new speed of TS2 and TS3 Metals to your game, but also the best way to take advantage of Titleist’s outstanding new Metals-Only shaft lineup.

Titleist have developed four distinct shafts with two elite shaft manufacturers using exclusive Titleist research and technologies. That is what it means to design speed into every detail of a golf club.


Titleist TS2 and TS3 Metal Woods will be available to purchase online and in-store from Thursday 6.9.18.

For more information or to PRE-ORDER please contact us on 01622 891675 or email sales@golfgeardirect.co.uk




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