Magnifico! Spikeless Shoes – Italian Style

Who would have thought Spikeless golf shoes would be more popular than traditional? Not many, but it’s happening.

Spike marks are less of a problem, greenskeepers are happier and spending your Sunday afternoon unclogging dirt from your shoes, is thankfully a thing of the past.ss18_kuba_original_a3_-_whitenavydemin_-_1_2__1ss18_kuba_original_a3_-_whitenavydemin_-_5_2_

Within the last 2-3 years, the spikeless, and dare I say it… ‘trainer style‘ golf shoe, has now been rightfully accepted by the majority of golfers worldwide.

Taking inspiration from award-winning Italian designs, the Duca del Cosma bring you a sophisticated and fashionable touch on the traditional style golf shoe in 2018.

Under new ownership since 2016, Duca del Cosma has a wealth of market experience behind them, to combine innovation with heritage designs.


“Golfers who try them comment that our shoes are extremely comfortable from the very first time they wear them,”

“We pride ourselves on being the brand that pioneered the spikeless golf shoe and we continue to move forward with new shoe technologies, as well as an exceptional range of colours and design styles,” Tony Eccleston, Duca del Cosma 


Leading styles for Men include the Camelot, Kuba and La Spezia designs, while the Ladies collection also boasts a stylish range including the Palm Springs , Porto Ercole and Olbia models.

ss8_porto_ercole_-_white-sand_-_4_2_ss8_palm_springs_-_white-sand_-_1The design, detail and quality of the Duca del Cosma range is matched with advanced technology.

A waterproof ‘microfibre’ system acts like a breathable protective ‘sock’ within the shoe.

The waterproof ‘membrane’ keeps your feet dry during play and is supported by a soft PU sole insert to provide that extra comfort for those long rounds.


Ladies Porto Ercole – White/Sand

Duca del Cosma’s innovative SKY-FLEX technology is featured on the outsole. Built around an ergonomic design, Sky-Flex provides the ultimate grip during your swing for the best possible strike.  The shoe also features special channels that allow bend and flex, to offer a natural roll-off motion on your feet.

aw17_kuba_original_a3_-_navy-red-_6Duca del Cosma’s 2018 Men’s and Ladies range is available Online and In-Store at Golfgeardirect from May 2018 


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