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Tested: Yonex Ezone GT Type X Driver Review

Like my last post, I’m staring out the window. It’s clear, not a cloud in the sky. I’m back from Turkey and now home in Yorkshire…

It’s currently -1c

In my office, thankfully it’s a lot warmer. The perfect time to reflect on my trip away and on the clubs I tested. I’ve previously reviewed the Ezone GT Fairway Wood, and if you’ve read the post – you’ll know how impressed I was. This time, it was the Big Dog, the Driver.


Earlier this year, I put a new driver in the bag. First few months my confidence was high, no hesitations on the tee, the shape was A1, the flight, the feel – everything was great.

Then Summer came and all the ‘early season hype‘ about my game had dwindled away.

As usual, I started to realise only I could make a change to my game. Head to the driving range instead of the pub, spend more time on the putting green, stuff we know we should do but most of don’t (especially when it’s -1c outside).

I was sat, in the warm, watching the Turkish Airlines Open a few weeks back. Now a Rolex Series Event on the Race to Dubai – it looked immaculate and a pleasure to play.

Winter sun had been on my mind for a while now, and with the opportunity to try some new clubs (that were not yet released) – I went ahead and booked a trip for late November.


Forward 2 weeks, and a delivery of the Yonex GT Driver, Fairway and Hybrid Woods landed on my doorstep in North Yorkshire.


The first thing that strikes you about the GT Type X Driver is the crown (see above). A pretty, carbon composite (graphite) design with a polished finish that adds a touch of class to the Japanese designed product.



A matte-finish graphite shaft is completed with a graphite grey and red colour branding.

The EX-320 shaft features a faster kick back, and high stability through the ball. This helps improve your clubhead speed. The EX-320 shaft also features a quick adjustment system. This allows you to change the loft and lie of the driver very easily.

After my first range session with the driver at 10.5 degrees (standard), I opted to drop the loft down to 9 degrees.

The driver can be adjusted from 1.5 degrees up or down on each of its 3 models (9, 10.5 & 12 degrees in mens).


My first hit with this club was possibly the worst of the entire trip. A horrible, rushed, blocked shot to the right… and I mean WAY right! Reload.

I sorted my direction out and BOOM! Straight down the middle. As I rushed back into my buggy, trying not to drop my camera, I had to take in how good that drive just felt. The feel and sound may be quite dull for some, but I loved it. Show me the next tee!

As the round went on, the driver didn’t disappoint. There were hazards that my usual driver would not carry. When I tried with the GT Type X, I was carrying these hazards by 5 to 7 yards which is a huge benefit to a wristy player like me.

I struggle to generate power from my upper body, so I rely hugely on technology for improvements in my carry distance.

Why did it carry further?

Firstly, the shaft; the engine of the golf club. The EX-320 shaft was lighter than my usual Fujikura Phenom shaft. The actual clubhead itself was also lighter. The GT driver features a 13% lighter crown plate than the previous Ezone XPG model. This all helps to generate more speed and distance.


The second reason is due to the Face Design (see image below). The NEW Vertically Polished Face controls side spin on off-centre shots, giving a 30% improvement in accuracy over the industry standard design (Horizontal).


In my previous post about the unveiling of GT Type X, I went over the face technology and it all seemed very convincing…that’s because it works.

My swing, as with all my clubs, was inconsistent on the trip. The driver feels great when hitting the centre, but it’s the clubs forgiveness that really makes it stand out from the others.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 16.23.09

GT Type X Vertically Polished Face seems to completely take away any unwanted spin on off centre hits.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 16.25.51.png

It felt like I was very fortunate.


In golf, no one hits a straight ball. Not Ricky, Rory, Jordan or Justin hit it a completely straight shot. Left to right, right to left, backwards or forwards, we all impart spin to the golf ball during impact.

The idea of the Vertically Polished Face on the Type X Driver is to LOWER those spin rates and give us better results.

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Yonex has led a commitment for over 70 years to never be left behind by technological advancements.

From what I’ve seen whilst testing the Ezone GT Driver – they are currently well ahead.

Compare the Yonex Ezone GT to your own clubs and see the results for yourself. Available from in both Men’s and Ladies options.  Try one at our Rainham or Headcorn indoor fitting centres using our advanced Flightscope Technology.

Rainham: 01634 262002 /

Headcorn: 01622 891675 /


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