Big Max Launch 2018 Golf Bags

by Daryl John Symonds 

BIG MAX Golf recently showcased their NEW 2018 golf bag range to the industry.

The European Golf Trolley and golf bag giants top their range annually, bringing new and exclusive designs to the market. Since Big Max moved into the US market in 2014, their push trolleys and range of Stand and Cart Bags can be seen on courses across the world. were one of the original retailers to stock the product both in-store and online.

It’s been an amazing journey for the brand who have seen multiple ‘Editors Choice’ awards from GolfDigest magazine; a prestigious award in the industry.

In 2018, Big Max will no doubt continue to be at the forefront of golf bag design.Adding two new models that build on the great success of the 2016 range, Big Max will also launch a new bag ‘category’; the Drop-Stop-System…

The new system of fine stitching, along with high quality parts, guarantees your Golf Bag will be 100% waterproof by Big Max.

The designers achieved the Drop-Stop-System by using a waterproof fabric with sealed seams. This added with waterproof zippers (specially designed in Japan) makes for a very trusty golf bag when you’re caught in the elements.

BIG MAX Aqua Hybrid

This NEW Aqua Hybrid bag combines both Cart and Stand bag technology.

Over the years, pretty much all stand bags would sit in a semi-stable position on any golf trolley, but if you’ve tried, you’ll know they are prone to twisting and turning. The last thing you need on your mind if you’ve just 3 putted the last hole!

Thankfully, Big Max came up with a solution to the issue in the Aqua Hybrid design.

Weighing only 2.3kg’s, Aqua Hybrid features a unique flat base and leg lock system for securing your bag. Ensuring the perfect fit. The bag also includes 7 waterproof pockets, 14-way divider and dual strap; all the benefits of a cart bag, and a stylish lightweight stand bag at the same time.

Aqua Hybrid is to retail at £230 and will be available in the following colours;

Black/Red, Silver/Black/Red, Lime/Black/Silver, Red/Black/Silver, Petrol/Black/Orange, White/Black/Orange


BIG MAX Aqua Sport 2

Riding on the success of the brands most successful cart bag, Aqua Sport 2 features a 14-way, 9.5-inch organiser top, full-length dividers, 7 spacious pockets, putter well (suitable for large grips) and best of all, it weighs just a mere 2.4 kg’s


Big Max Aqua Sport 2 includes a clear rain hood with dual zips for easy access from either side.

Aqua Sport 2 will retail at £240 and will be available in the following colours;

Black/Silver, Charcoal/Black/Red, Silver/Black/Cobalt, Yellow/Black/Silver, Red/Black/Silver, Navy/Black/Silver, Petrol/Orange/Black, White/Black/Orange, Charcoal/Fuchsia


BIG MAX Aqua Tour 2

We all know a golfer that takes everything around the course with them (bar the kitchen sink – yep, I’m one of them).  Thankfully, for those who love to carry everything (just incase) Big Max have a solution. The Aqua Tour 2 features a large amount of pocket space whilst keeping our belongings dry with its high quality waterproof zips.


Aqua Tour 2 offers large levels of storage but only weighs in at a nifty 2.7kg’s.

The bag features 9 handy pockets, a glove and towel holder, umbrella holder and putter well. For those that hate a club tangle, Aqua Tour has a 10 inch, 14 way top with full individual dividers.

The Big Max Aqua Tour 2 will retail at £270 and will be available in the following colours;

Black/Silver, Charcoal/Orange/Black, Red/Silver/Black, Petrol/Orange/Black, Lime/Silver/Black, Silver/Lime/Black.

For more information on BIG MAX Golf Bags visit


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