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Mizuno ST180 Drivers, Fairways & Hybrids


By Daryl John Symonds

Mizuno Golf recently announced the launch of the NEW ST180 metal wood range, due to the European market in February 2018.
The Japensse Forged Iron giants, who already made an impact on tour’s around the world with their truly stunning MP-18 Irons, are set to release the new ST180 in a range of Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids Woods.
Early tests against 2017’s big sellers, TaylorMade M2 & Callaway GBB EPIC saw the ST180 (on average) send it two yards further than the drivers above.
A very interesting statistic if you’ve used or followed the success of the M2 or EPIC drivers this year.
The new range will replace the current JPX-EZ metal woods (now reduced online)
…but with a difference.
Yeah, yeah, yeah heard it all before…but I truly believe Mizuno, like other brands, are listening to what golfers want and indeed need.
Mizuno JPX-EZ was hyped for it’s High MOI (the highest found in some driver tests back in 2016) and it’s deep CG (centre of gravity).
These combined made it the ideal Driver for your mid-high handicap golfers. For the lower handicap golfer, EZ would often launch too high and produce unfriendly spin rates.
With the ST180, Mizuno’s R&D team have now designed a driver that appeals to a much wider range of golfers.
Featuring a new lower CG that’s been pushed back for the maximum forgiveness,
ST180 will spin, launch and reward off-centre strikes better than any metal wood Mizuno have previously brought to market.


Mizuno’s Wave sole commits every available gram of weight low, towards the face – dropping spin rates for even the fastest, downward ball strikers. It’s the first time Mizuno have used a Wave Sole in a driver. The new sole technology allows the ST180 to contract and expand on impact – increasing energy imparted to the golf ball.
With a new Forged SP700 Ti Face the GT180 accelerates ball speeds noticeably past is predecessor Mizuno JPX900.


There’s an impressive ‘11‘ custom fit shafts available to choose from in just the ST180 Driver alone. Custom grips are also available for upgrade with the ST180 range.

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