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Yonex EZONE GT Type X Driver: It’s what golfers want…

by Daryl Symonds, October 2017

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen a huge advancement in golf club technology.

It may come as a shock to some, but Yonex Golf were at the forefront of many of these developments, especially in the graphite shafts and composite head designs.

Yonex are one of the most underrated golf manufacturers out there today. This December we see a new range that once again stamps their authority as the leading graphite specialists in the game.

Hard at work in Tokyo, Japan the Yonex research and development team have been producing revolutionary sport technology in the Asian, European and US markets for over Three decades.

M2 & Epic Drivers have led the driver statistics in 2017 – on Tour and at amateur level. The drivers feature composite technology, something Yonex have been playing with since the early 1980’s and used to great effect more recently with successful models – Cyberstar and later Nanospeed.

In December 2017, Yonex will launch it’s EZONE GT Type X range of Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons.

I was sucked into this range immediately with brands concept for the new clubs…

“Distance” has always been the main desire for golfers. However, “Accuracy” is actually more important for them. Yonex Golf, 2017


I’ve always been a firm believer in accuracy in golf clubs, but if you can get both accuracy and distance then you’re winning. That’s what Yonex are offering with EZONE GT Type X.

Of course, all players preferences differ, but like the Yonex quote above, accuracy really is the key to improving your golf above overall distance.

Based on a survey in 2016 by Golf Network; golfers were more concerned about off-target hits with both Drivers (42.9%) and Irons (32.1%).

Accuracy is clearly what golfers want, but sometimes it’s hard to get away from the ‘macho’ side of the game.

Yonex however are listening to the average golfer. Considering just over 4% of UK club golfers are in Category One (5 handicap and below) it’s clear that accuracy is key to lowering our scores as well as the ever important short game.

Development Concept

The biggest selling point for Yonex is their Graphite technology. Whether it’s shafts, club-heads or Iron inserts, Yonex produce the lightest and finest graphite to the market.


Back in 1982, Yonex started to manufacture clubs with raw carbon materials to use for shafts and then later on, club-head technology. To this day, Yonex remain one of the only golf manufactures to produce its’ own shafts, heads and grips; making all Yonex golf clubs refreshgingly unique to themselves.

The Japanese tech giants say that Graphite technology and a New face design provides maximum distance with improved accuracy with EZONE GT Type X.

A light Titanium body is finished with a Titanium face plate and graphite crown.


This crown (top of driver head) features a thinner and stronger design, and is 13% lighter than a conventional Driver crown. This along with the EZONE GT shaft featuring high stability through the ball will give you an overall longer shot.


EZONE GT Type X features the EX-320 designed and manufactured by Yonex

The high tensile shaft increases club-head speed with a faster kick back and high stability through the ball. It dons a new modern cosmetic and attractive matt finish.


EX-320 proves to be the perfect match for the EZONE Type X Driver. The lightweight design accompanied by the faster kick back gives the shaft everything needed to maximise performance when matched to the club-head.


Yonex claim that the ‘Vertically Polished Face’ technology allows for a 30% improvement in accuracy. This is based against the previously used and most popular groove appearance – horizontal.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.15.49 copy


More on the Yonex EZONE GT Type X will be available later this month.

Stock is due to hit our shelves on December 1st 2017.  Please visit for more information.

To demonstrate the EZONE GT please contact one our authorised Yonex Fitting Centres:

Our Yonex Fitting Centres:


Golfgeardirect Unit 11, Headcorn Business Park, Barrowdale Farm, Headcorn, Kent TN279PJ

Telephone: 01622 891675 Email:


Golfgeardirect Unit 1, 24a Longley Road, Rainham, Kent ME87RU

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