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TaylorMade P790 Irons – This Beauty is a Beast! Coming soon to both our online and high street superstore’s 

Review below by DJ Design & Media

A forged players iron that’s cut to a cavity, fit for the game improver. How do they achieve such a thing? A revolutionary foam (SpeedFoam) that expands the entire cavity and offers a soft response to all hits across the club-face. The P790 will attract a number of ability’s with what we believe is a truly unique design. There’s plenty of irons on the market that are built for both low and mid handicaps – but none like P790.

With it’s forged body and players satin-chrome finish, P790 has already attracted the attention of the worlds leading players, along with many respected golf coaches.

I’ve seen many attempts at this iron from manufacturers and none more than TaylorMade – without success. The ‘Tour-Preferred‘ range confused many golfers in past years. The TP branding suggested a ‘higher-level’ of play/talent was required to use such a club.

To be honest, that was the case.

There wasn’t that all-round iron to suit a broad part of the golfing market. With P790 it’s very clear that this iron is suitable for a wide range of players with the need for distance, forgiveness, feel and of course good looks too.

P790 Review: Looks

The TaylorMade P790’s have been beautifully finished with a players Satin-Chrome. This ‘less glare’ effect has been a popular choice amongst TaylorMade irons in the past, opting against the vintage Mizuno polished-chrome effect.

Not only does the lower handicapper get a great finish, they also get a thin top line. Given the size of the original cavity (watch video below) and weight distributed to the back of the club – this is surprisingly easy on the eye. Take a look below


You put this iron down and feel your confidence grow over the ball. It’s a great feeling to have before takeaway.

Technology that suits all…

As I mentioned P790 has a filled in cavity that allows the club to not only look the part – it also rewards off centre hits. Yeah, yeah, yeah…heard it all before but no – P790’s really do both.

I recently demonstrated…

the P790 4-Iron, 6-Iron and PW and although I didn’t have the correct technology with me to record results, there were Two things that no device could ever tell me

both looks and feel…


I’ve always been a believer that to get the best out of forged, bladed irons you’ll need to strike the ball consistently well and if you’re not going to practice – then they should genreally be avoided. But why should us ‘not so perfect’ ball strikers and ‘range-dodgers’ sacrifice on feel? We love the looks but need that all important consistency and distance too?

Let me introduce you to SpeedFoam.

SpeedFoam Tech

P790’s hollow cavity uses a new SpeedFoam Technology, a new proprietary construction, which serves a dual purpose of generating ball speed as well as optimising sound and feel. Injected into the club-head, SpeedFoam provides the face support and sound-damping properties that make the performance of the P790 unlike any other iron in TaylorMades 2017 Iron’s offering.

In a nutshell the cavity in the club-head is filled with an expanding soft foam that will dampen off-centre hits. It produces less vibration in the shaft for improved feel.

When you strike one well, these feel very responsive and the end results are very true to the feel and sound.

Of course, as the years have past and the lofts have weakened, there’s been some impressive distance irons (inc TaylorMade M2 Irons) produced by the leading manufactures. P790 is the first I’ve seen that looks great and you still feel that it’s going to set off like a rocket!

So why is this?

Strategically placed internal tungsten weighting is introduced in P790 for a more precise centre of gravity placement. A higher moment of inertia is also included in this ultimate player and improver iron to offer more distance and control.


The incorporation of the new wrapped face construction creates a cut-thru Speed Pocket on the sole with extreme flexibility in the lower part of the club-face; it’s this flexibility that creates greater forgiveness and consistency than is typically seen in a distance iron design.

Inverted Cone Technology

The P790 also features an ultra-thin 1.75mm face thickness with re-engineered Inverted Cone Technology optimized for the slightly smaller face area. The new, smaller Inverted Cone allows for reduced face thickness at the edges of the face, thus increasing flexibility from heel to toe and low on the club-face, resulting in more ball speed across the entire face.

Honest Opinion…

I cannot lie, this iron was a please to hit. You’ve heard me say all this though.

What really matters is who is this aimed at?

If you’re playing off a handicap of scratch – 18 these are worth at least a try for the feel and numbers on distance. There’s certainly more forgiving irons in the TaylorMade iron range (notably the M2) for anyone +above single figures but below you’ll struggle to find something better out there IMO.


Come try one at Golfgeardirect’s fitting centres. The TaylorMade P790’s will be available to exclusively pre-order in late September 2017.

Online and In-store.

For more please visit or please call us on 01622 8916745

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