Oakley – let your game shine


Many of us may have believed sunglasses worn on the golf course were merely for showing off and appearing to look ‘cool’ without any benefit to your game…


……moving on

For many years now many of the World’s top players have demonstrated that this is not the case, and wear Sunglasses on a regular basis. Henrik Stenson, Ian Poulter, Louis Oosthuizenouis, Justin Rose and Bubba Watson are just some of the famous players who regularly wear Sunglasses.

Now I’m not suggesting that a pair of sunglasses could help you win The Open like Henrik, the Masters like Bubba, or dominate the Ryder Cup like Poults, but some of these players have been wearing sunglasses for most of their careers. Let’s see why…

Today’s modern sunglasses are an accessory that can help your game and offer protection from dangerous rays of strong sunlight that can harm your eyesight.

Sunglasses for golf can also help you better distinguish fairways and greens and help you follow your ball in flight. See  more below on Oakley’s Prizm Golf Lenses…

Ian Poulter on why he wears Oakley Sunglasses,

“With the way technology has come along and the clarity of the lenses, I have 100% trust in what I’m seeing. Add on all the styles and colors? I love wearing them. And when I play, I know I’m wearing the best in the business.”


Oakley’s golf collection will protect you from the dangers of Ultraviolet Radiation. UV has been proved to cause various eye problems, such as cataracts, sunburn to the eyelids, pterygium and skin cancer around the eyes. With this in mind, the most important part of the Oakley sunglasses – are the lenses.

Interchangeable, Oakley stock a HUGE range of lenses to suit your golf game. When looking for lens colour it can get confusing, so it’s worth noting the following…

  • A lens that absorbs blue light will help you read greens better and follow your ball in flight. Greens & golf balls will be enhanced, while the blue of the sky will be muted.
  • Brown or Amber lenses too will help increase contrast.
  • For no distortion, choose a neutral grey or green-grey lens for true colour perception.

American Zach Johnson claimed 3 things helped him win the 2015 Open Championship at St.Andrews. Johnson said his wife (of course first) his faith and his Oakley sunglasses. Wearing them around the home of golf in all weather conditions Johnson explained…

“It’s certainly not to make myself more interesting! I’m hardly a poster boy. I wear them at dusk and dawn. I see greens better and I see the reads of putts better.”

In 2017 have arguably the best range of Oakley sunglasses to date. Back in 2002 when I started in the game, a pair would set you back around £150-£200. Since then technology in lenses, frames and tips has improved and I’m pleased to say, the price has come down. The 2017 collection online and in store see’s sleek new designs from only £75 up to £139.


There’s every style available as you see on the tour. There’s the full wrap look of Henrik Stenson, the sleek classic look of Poulter and Johnson and the squared design as worn by Bubba Watson.

Not a golfer? Not an issue. With Oakley producing some of the best designs around the world, their range looks great for any occasion and off the course will offer all the benefits that comes with sport joined with style and class.

The attitude has changed and most importantly for us amateurs – so has the price point. You can shop today online at Golfgeardirect, visit us in-store at our Rainham, Kent Superstore or on course at the Weald of Kent Golf Course & Hotel.




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