Titleist Introduces New Scotty Cameron Futura Putters !


Scotty Cameron has a new line of Futura putters. Seven mallet-style models will debut in golf shops beginning March 17th. “This new Futura line blends my ideas about high-performance putter designs with my longstanding ideals that high-tech should always be high-quality. What we’ve pioneered with our multi-material technology allows me to design properly-weighted larger putter heads for more stable setups to give mallet players more confidence over putts.”

“Fans of the brand may remember the original Futura putter released over a dozen years ago, which was viewed as an experimental design that then went on to be trusted to several titles. It’s this focus on making putters for the best players in the game that drives me to continue to innovate, experiment and push the boundaries of what we offer to all dedicated golfers. Similar to the world of motorsport, what we prove on Sundays on the worldwide professional golf tours goes into every putter we bring to market. The Futura name validates the decades of design performance my team and I bring to the high-tech putter market and celebrates that early innovation standing the test of time.”

According to Cameron, the 2017 Futura family melds the best design characteristics of the previous generation GOLO and Futura X lines with Scotty Cameron’s continued multi-material putter constructions. The result is a lineup of tour-proven shapes and configurations – Futura 5CB, 5MB, 5W and 5S; Futura 6M and 6M Dual Balance; along with Futura 7M – with enhanced stability and forgiveness, improved alignment features, and responsive feel and feedback, according to the company.

The Futura 5CB and Futura 5MB are rounded mid-mallets. The Futura 5CB (“cavity back”) features a pop-through black anodized 6061 aircraft aluminum flange plate and single milled sight line on the topline. The Futura 5MB (“muscle back”) features a rounded 303 stainless steel back flange with a Silver Mist finish and a single milled sight line.

The Futura 5W and Futura 5S improve upon the popular aspects of the prior generation Futura X5 and Futura X7M models. The Futura 5W (“W” for “wing”) is shaped similarly to the Futura X5, but now has full wrap-around multi-material face-sole technology and enhanced dual purpose alignment features that frame the ball and aligns the sweet spot with white flange lines placed parallel to each wing.

Futura 5S (“S” for “straight shaft”) is a more compact and stylistically updated version of Futura X7M with a straight shaft setup inspired by tour feedback, and dual-purpose alignment. Inspired by Cameron’s work with Adam Scott, the Futura 6M (“M” for “MOI”) introduces the best MOI-enhancing traits, according to the company, of the original Futura X model in conjunction with design cues expressed in the Futura X7M, combining a pop-through “bar back” design with deep heel-toe weights. A new Futura 6M Dual Balance model is also available for those players who need maximum stability in their stroke. The Futura 6M DB has a 50-gram heavier head and a 50-gram counterweight in the grip end of the shaft.

The Futura 7M improves upon the Futura X7M, according to the company, with refined shaping of the back wings, including the stainless steel “bar back” that moves weight behind the putter face for added forgiveness, along with dual-purpose alignment. Left-Handed options will be available in the Futura 5CB and Futura 6M models. Each new Futura putter features advanced stability weighting with two removable, customizable stainless steel sole weights, stepless steel shafts and supple Black Matador Mid-size grips with red and gold accents.

The new Futura putters (MSRP £329) will be available in on March 17, 2017 worldwide through Titleist authorized golf shops. The new Futura 6M Dual Balance putter carries an MSRP of £349


Scotty Cameron has also added a new teardrop-shaped, heel-shafted mid-mallet to his Select line of putters – the Select Newport 3. “Fans of our classic, heel-shafted mallets like the Del Mar 3.5 and the GOLO 3 will love the melt-into-the-ground, flowing lines of the Newport 3,” said Cameron. “When you look at the entire Select family, the Newport 3 is the perfect, curvy small mallet that just fits in conceptually between the Newport 2 Notchback and the mallets. We’ve extended the methodology of our proven multi-material technology to include the aircraft grade aluminum inlay, which allows me to design more of the weight into the sculpted back flange, as well as get the sweet feel the inlay produces. The result is an extension to the Select family that pulls together the entire line.”

The new Select Newport 3 extends the line with a model designed for players seeking a smaller round mallet with additional toe flow and forgiveness. The heel-shafted mid-mallet, based on the classic Newport head shape, is designed with a flow neck (with .” offset) for players that need maximum toe flow in their stroke.
Multi-material technology is incorporated featuring a precision milled 6061 aircraft grade aluminum face inlay fused to the precision-milled 303 stainless steel body. It distributes weight for higher MOI performance. A built-in vibration dampening system connects the milled aluminum face inlay with the stainless steel body, producing a responsive feel and feedback that Cameron describes as “soft, but solid.”

The Select Newport 3 putters will be available on March 17, 2017, From GolfGearDirect.co.uk

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