The New M Drivers, What’s All the Noise About!

‘The New Standard of Driver Performance’

TaylorMade’s set on expanding their dominance on the Driver market with their newest edition to the M Family. But what makes these new wave of Drivers better than the last?

Looking into the M1 Drivers, TaylorMade have claimed to have redesigned their revolutionary T-Track System that allowed players to have the ability to adjust it to match their specifications down to a tee. Stating ‘64% more front-to-back CG movement than the original M1′ with the intentions to give them more ball flight control.

Along with more control over the ball flight, they’ve made serious strides to improve the yardage the M1 Driver and cover, with ‘43% more carbon fiber‘! Additionally it’s also said to lighter than it’s older version. As instead of a Seven-layer carbon composite crown, the new M1 will now have a six-layer carbon composite crown therefore making lighter and 10% thinner. But it’s visible difference for golfers that will have both is the new M1 Driver will have a bigger head.

Now for the M2, boasting on it’s new, reinvented and improved design. A highly featured improvement is the all new ‘Geocoustic’ technology, combing geometry and acoustical TaylorMade believe this will unlock more forgiveness and the ‘best-in-class sound’ with this addition to the driver the visible difference will be the sunken sole portion of the driver, this will utilize the ultra light design to allow engineers to ‘free up volume without raising the center of gravity’.Like the M1, the new M2 has also dropped to having 6-layers.

Deeper, more active speed pockets, to ensure a higher launch, lower spin and more speed all this to achieve massive distance.

Overall these new Drivers are sure to win fans and Pro’s over with TaylorMade making great strides to build upon an already near to perfect Driver range. With new technology to allow every player to cover even more yards!

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