Cobra Gears up for 2017

Cobra Golf has introduced its longest and “smartest” drivers – KING F7 and KING F7+. “We are really excited to introduce our longest and smartest drivers with the new F7 and F7+ products,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of Research & Development, COBRA Golf. “By incorporating the best zonal weighting technologies, we created the perfect combination of low CG and high MOI to give golfers the best in distance, forgiveness and precision. That, combined with the use of COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos, make for some of the most exciting clubs we’ve ever created.”

Along with the new KING LTD Black, these models feature the COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos system, which incorporates an embedded sensor in the grip that allows golfers to automatically track the distance and accuracy of every shot. COBRA CONNECT users simply pair their club with the free Arccos Driver smartphone app to receive their performance data.

The KING F7 driver features a larger face and address profile that increases MOI, according to the company and provides more distance, forgiveness and speed across the face. An adjustable weight system with three CG settings in the front, the back and heel positions allows for three differing ball flights – low, high and draw. The heavier 12g weight in the front CG position creates a lower, penetrating ball flight with less spin and more roll for maximum distance. When the heavier weight is placed in the back position, it delivers a higher, towering ball flight, Cobra Golf said, with added spin for more carry distance and increased forgiveness. When moved to the heel CG position, it works to reduce spin to deliver straighter drives that correct a slice.

“Golfers appetite for data is certainly growing as more and more attention on Tour is paid to player statistics from Shotlink,” said Olsavsky. “Creating Smart Clubs by adding the COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos technology allows us to satisfy that appetite and provide our consumers with direct access to the type of data that’s used by Tour pros. We believe seeing these insights will help golfers of all skill levels improve their performance and have more fun.”

The KING F7 driver also features a multi-material TeXtreme Carbon Fiber Crown, which frees up discretionary weight, allowing COBRA engineers to create three distinct CG positions and three performance distances. The KING F7 Driver will be available in-store starting on January 23, 2017. It will be available in two-colour combinations: black with orange highlights and a sophisticated silver with yellow highlights.

Equipped with a traditional sized head the F7+ Driver utilises the same key technologies as the F7 driver – including three weight settings for CG adjustability, a Forged Ti-811 face, TeXtreme Carbon Fiber Crown and MyFly8 technology. COBRA CONNECT is embedded in a Lamkin REL (CONNECT Black) grip with a graphite, Fujikura Pro XLR8 61 shaft. The F7+ driver will also be available starting January 23, 2017, in the black/orange and blue/red/white colorways, but with a premium matte finish on the crown. The driver will be available in RH/LH in X-stiff, stiff and regular flex.

Rounding out the new 2017 COBRA drivers equipped with COBRA CONNECT, is the KING LTD Driver.

To complement the new driver offerings, Cobra Golf has introduced its new collection of F7 fairways and hybrids. The F7 fairway and hybrid family utilizes COBRA’s iconic Baffler Rail System, first introduced in the brand’s original Baffler woods more than 40 years ago.

“Rails on our fairways and hybrids create a more forgiving and efficient turf interaction when hitting from any lie,” said Jose Miraflor, Sr. Director Product Marketing COBRA Golf. “Proven though Rickie’s performance with his current Baffler fairway wood, the Rail Technology allows him to be aggressive when attacking greens. These same tour-proven technologies will provide all golfers with the perfect blend of distance and control.”

The F7 Fairways (available, 3-4F, 5-6F and 7-8F) feature progressive rail heights that are strategically engineered to be shallower in the 3-4 woods and progressively thicker as you move into the 7-8 to deliver consistency from every lie. The front of the rails improve turf forgiveness while the back of the rails help the club glide out of the turf more smoothly.

The F7 Fairways come equipped with two Center of Gravity (CG) positions and 20-gram and 3-gram moveable weights that can be positioned in the front or the back to deliver either a penetrating or towering trajectory, depending on player preference and varying course conditions.

Available starting in January 23, 2017 in black/orange in RH/LH, the F7 Fairways come equipped with a graphite Fujikura Pro 65 shaft and Lamkin REL-Black grip.

Rounding out the metalwood collection are the KING F7 Hybrids (MAP $199), which also feature COBRA’s Baffler Dual Rail design for improved turf reaction and consistency from every lie. Each club (2-3H, 3-4H and 4-5H) features a fixed back CG (13-gram) to promote high MOI and a more centered CG for more forgiveness. The hybrids come in black with orange highlights with a graphite Fujikura Pro 75h shaft and Lamkin REL-Black grip.

The women’s F7 Fairways (MAP $239 – 3-4F, 5-6F, 7-8F) also come equipped with Baffler rail technology, two front/back CG positions and MyFly8. They come in two colorways: silver with raspberry and black with Lexi blue; and graphite Fujikura Pro 55 and COBRA Lamkin REL grips. KING F7 Ladies Hybrids (3-4H, 4-5H, 5-6H) feature rails along with a single fixed weight (8.5g) positioned low and back to deliver a high towering ball flight for distance and forgiveness.

Source TMAC Golf

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