Big Bertha Bigger (OS) and Better Than Ever

Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons

By: AJ Voelpel
We built a cage and unlocked more distance. Big Bertha OS Irons incorporate a revolutionary clubhead construction, called the Exo-Cage, that promotes more distance in an entirely new way. How? The Exo-Cage’s extraordinary combination of strength and light weight allows Callaway engineers to distribute more discretionary weight into strategic locations to promote more forgiveness and

Maximum Forgiveness From Fusion Technology
Big Bertha Fusion pairs our ultra-light triaxial carbon crown, that’s 78% lighter
than a typical steel crown, with a steel body. The fusion of these materials
allowed Callaway engineers to position substantially more weight in the perimeter
and far back from the face compared to our previous fairway woods, resulting in
higher launch and more forgiveness.

Forgiveness and Power From A New Shape
The triaxial carbon gives us the ability to break previous tradeoffs regarding head
shape, allowing us to create an appealing new shape with extremely high MOI.
The new shape also gave us new options in acoustic engineering, with more
freedom to evoke an especially satisfying sound and feel.

High Ball Speeds From Callaways Face Cup
We’re serious about giving golfers the most distance in a fairway wood, which is
why we’ve put in our industry-leading Hyper Speed Face Cup. It’s designed for
high speeds that make the ball fly farther on centre hits and off-centre hits.

To compliment these stunning irons Callaway Golf have also launched matching Big Bertha OS Hybrid clubs designed for super-charged distance and ultimate forgiveness, with a deeper body, larger and faster face, and next-generation Face Cup technology.

In our own tests at the Weald of Kent Performance Fitting Centre we can confirm that not only do these irons and hybrids look great and feel great they are seriously long too.

Call 01622 891675 to book an appointment and come to try them. Take the Big Bertha OS Challenge!

Golfgeardirect.co.uk, Dedicated to the Serious Golfer

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